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Music Producer for EA Games franchises including Madden NFL• FIFA • Star Wars: Battlefront, Jedi: Fallen Order, Squadrons • Mass Effect • Need For Speed • The Sims • Battlefield 2042

Steve Schnur

President of Music • Electronic Arts

Steve Schnur is in charge of producing soundtracks and original scores for the most successful and groundbreaking video games in the industry. He’s also known as a music publishing company President, TV executive producer, music supervisor for award-winning films, professional musician, songwriter, composer and record producer who’s been named ‘One of the Most Creative People in Entertainment’ by Entertainment Weekly, ‘One of the Most Powerful People in the Music Business’ and ‘One of the Top 20 Power Players in the Digital Entertainment’ by Billboard, and ‘One of the Top 25 Power Players in the New Hollywood’ by The Wall Street Journal.

 From configuration to application, superior monitors are vital to the way I work. Whether it’s playback for rock/hip-hop/EDM soundtracks like Madden NFL and FIFA or recording and mixing full orchestral scores that include Apex, Battlefield 2042 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, Focal Trio6 are a home studio game changer. 


“ We're very proud to say that every sound we design and every music track we produce is done so on Focals. With 17 different studios at our headquarters, every single room — including our new Atmos mix room — is equipped with Focal speakers. The clarity, frequency balance, and build quality are superb. Working in games and interactive media, there is a massive range of playback devices nowadays, and we feel very confident knowing what we produce in our studio is going to translate well to all of these platforms. 


Matthew Carl Earl Richard Ludlow Kellen Fenton


League of Legends PUBG: Mobile Call of Duty: Mobile  Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Trio6 Be • Twin6 Be  Solo6 Be  Sub6 

Hexany Audio

Hexany Audio is headquartered in the Los Angeles area at a 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art game audio production facility. The HQ features 17 studios, each featuring Focal monitors, including 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos mix rooms, as well as a dedicated technical integration suite and voice over booth. Co-owned by Audio Director Richard Ludlow, Lead Composer Matthew Carl Earl, and Lead Sound Designer Kellen Fenton, Hexany works with the top game developers and studios across the globe.

Lab Mastering (Stef Ritch)_fix.jpg
Copy of Marc-Theriault1_fix.jpg

Marc Theriault

Mastering Engineer • Le Lab, Montreal, Canada

Marc Thériault is the chief mastering engineer and owner at Le Lab, he strives to redefine mastering boundaries with innovative techniques and approach. Associated with many Awards, Gold and Platinum records, Marc’s philosophy is to truly understand the relation between audio and emotion. 

“ I have been listening to Focal speakers for over two decades, they are extremely precise and have a perfect tonality. These days I am fortunate to work everyday with the ultimate reference, the Grand Utopia EM with Utopia sub EM, all powered by NAIM Statement amplifiers. 


Céline Dion  Roch Voisine Coeur de Pirate Isabelle Boulay Carla Bruni Hans Zimmer Ubisoft

Grande Utopia EM  Sub Utopia EM  Trio11 • Trio6 Be • Solo6 Be • Sub6

Le Lab Mastering

Besides a host of major music artists, Le lab also masters audio and music for a variety of top video games from many of the most respected developers:

Super Mario Kart Land Of Glory Far Cry 5 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Get Even Mist World Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands  Steep
For Honor  Just Dance

Garry Schyman-studio_S.jpg


Forspoken  Metamorphosis Torn
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ​

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Bioshock! BioShock 2 Bioshock Infinite Dante’s Inferno Destroy All Humans! & sequels

Garry Schyman

BAFTA award-winning composer

Composer Garry Schyman’s award-winning music can be heard in feature films, prime-time television, and video games. His orchestral scores for the globally acclaimed video games 'BioShock', 'BioShock 2', and 'BioShock Infinite' have earned him multiple awards

 I love my Focal Trio6 Be monitors. I am listening to them most of the day seven days a week and they sound beautiful, accurate, and powerful when I crank them up. They are not fatiguing. Nothing compares for the money. 


Distribution by Focal Naim America | 156 Lawrence Paquette Ind. Dr., Champlain, NY, 12919   T 800-663-9352 

Distribution by Focal Naim Canada | 313 Marion, Repentigny, QC, J5Z 4W8  T 866-271-5689

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